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  • White Lion Community Pub

    Nantwich News have published an article "by a spokesman" about the White Lion Community Pub.

  • The Let's BeGin event at Hankelow Hall

    Let's BeGin at Hankelow Hall raised a lot of money for The Donna Louise Hospice, McMillan Cancer Support and our White Lion.

    There is a video of the event on Facebook here.

    Well done Beverley and Kirk!

  • Attempt on Cycle Speed Record

    In a History Society Lecture in Audlem earlier in the year, the audience were shown, among other things, a bicycle which is being ridden in an attempt on the cycling world speed record. The bike had already broken the European record with a speed of just under 150mph. The bike, dubbed the "Silver Eagle" was also on show at the recent "Gathering on the Green" in Hankelow.

    On the 18th August the bike (and Neil Campbell, the rider) achieved a new World Record for men of 174.339 mph. There is a BBC News report on this amazing achievement.

    The machine was built by Andrew Jones ("AJ"), who is the son of Hankelow residents Ann and Ian Jones. His cycle-building business, Moss bikes, is based in Wybunbury.

    There are some older vides online which show the bike. Here is a Porsche video of the 149 mph run, and here is a video about the design of the bike.

    Recently they were testing a new braking system using a parachute, at Elvington airport just south of York. There was an article on ITV about it, shown on July 3rd.

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  • Tom's Swagger Stick

    Tom Hassall was recently on television again - here's a link to an article on the Audlem website.

  • Great great grandmother from Hankelow celebrates 100th birthday

    Edith Brough of the Hulme family recently celebrated her 100th birthday - here's a link an article on the Nantwich News website.

    One of the pictures in this article shows Elliot Hulme. Sadly, Elliot passed away on April 30th. He did a lot for this village and will be sadly missed by friends and neighbours.

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