Hankelow Village Fete 1911

Hankelow Village Fete 1911

Please could you contact us if you feel you can tell us who any of these people are. It's possible that the men on the cart are Robert Shore and Jack Watkins, and that the house in the background is Lear's Farm.

I have been told that carts were deliberately left in the pond when their wrought iron/steel (which?) tyres became loose on the wooden rims. The water would cause the wood of the wheel to swell, thus making the tyre a tight fit again.

On the right of the picture, there looks to be a baby pram. Gary Mottram says "I think that the lady holding the baby pram is my great aunt Mary Mottram , the baby is her son Fredrick Mottram born 1903 who is disabled hence the pram. The gent with the waistcoat and white sleeves and flat cap {towards the top right} is my great uncle William Mottram , Mary’s husband and I’m guessing the rest of their children."

The picture below has been provided by Gary, and shows members of the Mottram family in front of the White Lion, probably around 1903/4.

Mottram Family in front of the Whir=te Lion, circa 1903/4 </>