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Notes on Mallard Ducks

Mallard Ducks are plentiful in Hankelow, and there are resident populations on the village pond and the pond by Woolfall Farm.

Every spring they pair off, among much noisy squabbling, and find nest sites in the gardens around the village. The pair in the photo above were behind the Green Farm in 2020. The same pair (probably) returned in 2021.

First brood of Mallards, April 19th 2020
Ducklings on the pond, May 2nd 2020 Second brood August 2020 Second brood August 23rd 2020 Second Brood growing up, September 7th 2020

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Here are a couple of Nature Camera videos from April 29th, 2021, of a new Mum with her Ducklings, which hatched by Derek and Rose Smith's front door. Here she is setting out for the pond with her two newly hatched ducklings - but one is missing! Better try again!


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